Frequently Asked

Welcome to GPS Race an IPhone app that you can play with with your friends or by yourself. If you heard of GEO tracking this is a small take on that. Using Landmarks, Statues, Fountains, Street Signs, Historic Figures, General Knowledge these GPS Racers take you on a 30 min to 1 hour adventure you will soon want to repeat. Navigate through the site, view the videos, download the app and you might want to make your own GPS Race one day.


We encourage you to leave us your feedback. Let us know your thoughts on the game, the gameplay, functionality and iphone navigation. We want to make this the best Race experience you can get short of attending the Amazing Race on TV....

Don't forget to include the version of the game you played on. Thank you for your feedback

Why ismy location indicated by a blue circle not accurate?
ANSWER: Because different versions of the phone use different technologies to triangulate your location. Newer phones are usually perfect. The older phones use a combination of cellphone triangulation and wifi network locations to get your location. Best thing to do if your phone is old: Make sure your wifi and wireless data is on and the location services is on this should help get you within close range.

Why is the button so big on the map screen after you tap the red pinpoint?

ANSWER: Because we wanted to make it easy to tap. The default size from apple is too small for a race where every second counts.

Will you be making more races in my city?
ANSWER: Contact us and let us know what city you are in and we will make it happen.

Can I make a GPS Race inside my school or place of work?

ANSWER: No because the GPS requires a clear line to the sky where the satellite is located.

I dont see my question here can I use the contact us section?

ANSWER: Yes we encourage you to.