Earn $$$

Welcome to GPS Race an IPhone app that you can play with with your friends or by yourself. If you heard of GEO tracking this is a small take on that. Using Landmarks, Statues, Fountains, Street Signs, Historic Figures, General Knowledge these GPS Racers take you on a 30 min to 1 hour adventure you will soon want to repeat. Navigate through the site, view the videos, download the app and you might want to make your own GPS Race one day.


We encourage you to leave us your feedback. Let us know your thoughts on the game, the gameplay, functionality and iphone navigation. We want to make this the best Race experience you can get short of attending the Amazing Race on TV....

Don't forget to include the version of the game you played on. Thank you for your feedback

GPS Race allows its racers to create their own races and those same races will be distributed to the masses on the appstore. A 2 hour commitment could net you considerable recurring income. All you need is a smartphone with the google maps or maps application and a data plan.

As you know GPS Race works with 10 GPS coordinates, 10 Questions with 4 multiple choice answers. An ideal location for a GPS race would be a park, a low traffic area, greenspace, waterfront boardwalk that would have enough permanent landmarks, statues, plaques to make a 10 question GPS race.

We ask that you use your smartphone to do the following for all 10 landmarks/Questions and multiple choice answers.

Find an area of about 1-4 kilometers (1-3 miles) and locate your first landmark. Take a picture so we can see the writing on the landmark. Then open up the google maps app and share your current location via email. (preset info"at" in your contacts) in that email write a 4-15 word question with 4 multiple choice aswers, indicate which one is correct in the email, before you send the email attach the picture of the landmark/plaque or statue you just took and in the subject line write " YOURCITY Race question 1", "YOURCITY Race question 2" and so on.... OR email yourself all the information and put it all together and send it to us in 1 neat package.

After that we will create the GPS Race and add it to the appstore with a 4 dollar price point. Of that 4 dollars Apple takes a 30% cut and you will receive a 25% or 1$ of every race sold. so for every 100 races sold you will be paid 100 dollars, 1000 races 1000 Dollars and so on.... It will all depend on the quality of the race.

No cost simply 2 hours of your time to earn recurring revenue for life or as long as the statues and landmarks last which ever comes first :)

If you have any questions use the contact us section.